Eco Smart Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Ecosmart Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Eco Smart Tankless Water Heater: QUICK OVERVIEW


​Ease of use



What We Like

  • ​Unlimited Heated Water
  • ​Save – Money, Space, and energy
  • ​Energy efficient
  • ​Pocket-friendly
  • ​Provide hot water to multiple bathrooms at one time
  • ​Digital temperature control
  • ​Lifetime warranty
  • ​Patented modulating technology which makes water heater a must buy
  • ​Best for places needing regular/constant hot water
  • ​Energy star rated

What We Don't Like

  • ​Parts are expensive
  • ​High installation cost
  • ​Pre-installation or shifting cost is very high
  • ​The original buying cost is quite high
  • ​The flow of water is less
  • ​In Areas with hard water, a water softener needs to be attached to the tank does not get spoiled
  • ​Regular maintenance required
  • ​Not ideal for places with cooler weather

Eco smart LLC is a decade old US-based manufacturer. They are known for their wide range of tank less water heaters which can be used for all purpose. They have designed and developed Tank less water heater which helps in saving up to 50% on heating waters. In this article we will provide you with eco- smart tank less water heater review, so you go through the details and buy the best one.

One of their bestselling models is Eco smart eco 11 electric tank less water heater. Developed with the most advanced and new technology this heater consumes up to 50% less electricity from the older generation water heaters. The heaters evaluate and use the exact amount of energy required to heat the required quantity of hot water. The secret behind this is the self-modulating technology which regulates and use the exact amount of heat required. While being energy efficient, they are also compact and can be easily wall mounted.

The company is offering a lifetime warranty with the heater on electronic and elements

Eco smart electric tank less water heater comes in different powers starting from 8kw to 36kw depending on the usage.

Its weights is around 6.5 lbs. The water heater can heat up to 2-gallon water per minute and is suited for a climate where the water temperature is 67’F or more. Through digital control, you can adjust the temperature to the increment of 1 degree. In cold climate can be used mainly for a sink or other low flow equipment.

Who is this Product for?

The water heater is a requirement for every bathroom; it heats water very quickly and efficiently and can save up to 60% of water heating costs.

What’s Included?

The heater weights around 6.5 pounds and dimensions are 6.5×13.5×10 inches. The complete package includes – tankless water heater and a lifetime warranty card, warranty includes electronic ex-changer and element but does not include any incidental damage or labor.

Overview of Features

Ecosmart Tankless Water Heater Reviews

Tankless water heater which does not has storage capacity and uses electric elements to heat the water on flow is available for both residential and commercial purpose with the different sizes and option with smallest being 8 kW and 36 kW the biggest and most powerful option. Places with an inlet water temperature of 67f or one can set temperature in increment of 1 degree.

How to Use Eco Smart Tank Less Water Heater

Tankless water has a direct relationship with the temperature rise and the flow of water. Switch on the water heater, and once the hot water tap is on water passes through the unit into pipe and an electronic component heats the water as per the set temperature and hot water comes out of the hot water tap, as there is continuous flow of hot water and no storage required so you get endless hot water.


If Eco smart Eco 11 electric tankless water heater doesn’t satisfy your need or is not as per your requirement, you can try the bigger version of the mentioned product also which is Eco smart Eco 18 electric tankless water heater or Eco smart Eco 36 electric tankless water heater as it is bigger in size and fulfills the need for a large amount of water required If you want a smaller one you can go for Eco smart Eco 8 electric tankless water heater

Final Verdict

After reading all the benefits and the uses of the product in Eco-smart tankless water heater review, we would advise you to go for this product as it’s developed with the latest technology and is the most powerful if compared with the competitors. This water heater comes with a lifetime warranty and is very suitable for the household purpose.


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